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Stop AT&T’s DirecTV’s
Censorship of NEWSMAX!

Cancel DirecTV


Demand they bring NEWSMAX back — President Trump urges you to cancel them now!

Cancel AT&T Services


Demand they bring NEWSMAX back — President Trump urges you to cancel them now!

AT&T’s DirecTV dropped NEWSMAX from all of its platforms at midnight on Tuesday, January 24th

Newsmax is the 4th highest-rated cable channel reaching 25 million Americans – and AT&T DirecTV censored it!

This is the second conservative channel AT&T’s DirecTV has de-platformed in the past year after it cancelled OAN last year!

DirectTV wants to silence conservative voices in favor of liberal channels.

NEWSMAX is the only real conservative channel that brings you full coverage of Congress, the White House, and politics – and live coverage of voices like President Trump – with great hosts like Chris Salcedo, Rob Finnerty, Sean & Lyndsay, Greta, Rob Schmitt, Greg Kelly, Eric Bolling and more!

Direct TV is muzzling conservative voices because there will be presidential elections in 2024.

DirecTV still carries 22 liberal news channels – most with low-ratings and DirecTV pays all of them big license fees!

But, DirecTV demanded that NEWSMAX receive ZERO cable license fees. Why?

You’re paying DirecTV many liberal news channels you don’t watch.

It’s clear: AT&T DirecTV is discriminating against NEWSMAX.

Fight this censorship by cancelling and move to another service that carries NEWSMAX.

Stand against CENSORSHIP – act today by switching to a cable/satellite system that proudly carries NEWSMAX!

President Trump calls AT&T DirecTV’s removal of NEWSMAX ‘disgusting.’ 

He is urging you to cancel DirecTV and AT&T, including services like cell phones and wireless! Pres. Trump says he’s cancelling their products.

3 Steps to Take Immediately:

First, if you are a DirecTV customer: Call toll free at 877-763-9762 and let them know you're cancelling!

Note: DirecTV operators are telling customers false information:

  • Newsmax is not in negotiations with DirecTV – they refuse to negotiate!
  • Newsmax is not seeking “high fees” – we’re seeking about $1 a year from each subscriber. DirecTV pays CNN $14! 
  • Newsmax’s free stream will end this year, so you need it on cable/satellite systems.
  • DirecTV replaced Newsmax’s channel with a small network few have heard of -- it’s not a news network!

If you are an AT&T customer: Call AT&T toll free at 888-855-2338, you can cancel U-verse, cellular and wireless services!

Second, call your Congressmen and Senator at 202-224-3121 and tell them you want NEWSMAX, including on AT&T's DirecTV, and that you oppose woke censorship against conservative media like NEWSMAX.

Third, if you oppose woke censorship of conservative media, sign our petition in SUPPORT of NEWSMAX.

YES, I support NEWSMAX’s right to be treated equally by all cable/satellite systems. They should not be discriminated against because of their political point of view. I urge Congress to hold hearings on this matter!

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Important Facts

  • NEWSMAX is carried on ALL major cable systems EXCEPT DirecTV. You can get NEWSMAX on DISH or see all other options – FIND NEWSMAX HERE.
  • NEWSMAX is the 4th highest-rated cable news channel in U.S.
  • NEWSMAX is the top 16th highest-rated cable channel overall for daytime viewers.
  • NEWSMAX’s free stream on other platforms will end soon, so your cable service will be the main way for you to continue to get NEWSMAX.


  • Dish: 877-337-0720
  • FiOS: 800-837-4966
  • Fubo: 844-441-3826
  • Comcast: 800-934-6489
  • Charter: 888-438-2427
  • Optimum: 877-694-9474
  • Suddenlink: 877-694-9474
  • Cox Communications: 800-234-3993
  • Mediacom: 888-847-6228
  • Vidgo: 800-978-7619
  • More Options Here